Conscious spending ft. my favourite water bottle

When I first saw her, she was sitting so pretty on that shelf, looking all earthy and shit, I knew instantly I had to have her in my life. I guess when you know, you know. It was the water bottle that dreams are made of and ticked all the boxes; eco friendly, double insulated stainless steel, 750ml, keeps water cold, keeps liquids warm with the added bonus being the faux wood design #ontrend. Not even the $56 price tag could deter me.

I have since been called crazy, ridiculous, etc. for this lavish purchase, “how could you spend that much money on a fucking water bottle?” Well, first of all, let’s get this straight, this isn’t just any fucking water bottle we’re dealing with here, this is THE water bottle. I am a long time consumer of H20 (24 years) and herbal tea (5 years) - this divine item helps me enjoy both of them at their respective preferred temperatures on the daily.

Aside from all of the enjoyment I get from this water bottle (my favourite is when I get asked “is that real timber?”) there are the obvious benefits for the environment when you choose a reusable bottle! We all know it is an unnecessary waste to be frequently purchasing plastic water bottles, there are health consequences associated with consuming from them and let me show how I’m actually SAVING money by making a positive choice for the environment & myself.

If someone was to buy one plastic water bottle a day at $5, it would only take 11 days to rack up the same investment as my sexy water bottle that has been with me for a year now (happy anniversary babe). Not to mention the health consequences of drinking from plastic and the unnecessary waste that this habit creates.

Let’s be real –I’ve travelled in third world countries when the only safe option is to drink plastic bottled water. And - part 2 of my confessions – there are rare times I’ve been out and about somewhere, super thirsty, forgot my beloved and so with mild dehydration and strong resistance have resorted to buying a plastic bottle of water. What I’m saying is we’re all human!

I believe it’s all about the choices we make the majority of the time.

We really do vote with our dollar and make the choice to support or discourage a product every time we make a purchase. This is part of a bigger conversation around the power of consciously spending money. For me this fifty-six dollar bottle has been an absolute winner & an investment I was more than happy to make.

You can find my baby here;

Or if you live on the Mornington Peninsula, easy peezy, order yourself one in your next pollution free store order! Check them out on Insta @pollutionfreeplanet 

Disclaimer: This post is not paid for by the company featured. I just wanted to share this product I have used and loved. I think it is so freaking important that we use products that are good for the environment and us; it’s a win-win!