My fave guided meditations

I always get questions about how to start meditating & recommendations for guided meditations. I have listed my all time faves for you:

  • My #1 recommendation is the 1 Giant Mind free app for learning how to meditate. For learning in person, I highly recommend Laura Poole, whom is one of the co-creators of the 1 Giant Mind app and is an amazing teacher of that same style; vedic meditation.

  • I also really like the (free too) Insight Timer app which has an abundance of choice for every type of meditation for every situation. My favourite on that app so far is one called “Coming Home to Being” by Tara Brauch.

  • The man, the myth, the legend, Deepak Chopra!!! ~ the most soothing voice on Earth. I love this “Living Carefree” meditation for an afternoon bliss bubble.

  • Abraham Hicks. Heaps of guided meditations on YouTube for aligning your vibration with pure source energy! I dig the ‘Morning Rampage’ to set your day for magic :)

  • My other fave is this Yoga Nidra by Cheryl Wood. Yoga Nidra is a deep relaxation practice that releases stress and provides incredible healing for the mind, body and spirit. It can be even more effective for providing rest than a nap (or if you’re like me you may accidentally fall asleep during the Yoga Nidra). Either way you will benefit as your subconscious is still receiving the cues for releasing stress.

  • If you’d like some amazing music to meditate or simply relax to, I wrote a blog post with my Top Ten Favourites Songs for Savasana that you may like to check out, it includes a link to the spotify playlist.

  • And lastly, I must let you know that I have a free guided yoga nidra meditation that I created as a gift for you! All you need to do is sign up to my email list by entering your details below and once you confirm your subscription you’ll be sent the link, enjoy!

    Seriously, how lucky are we to have all of this at our fingertips? Deep gratitude for all the humans who have been involved in creating & offering this healing music & meditation for the greater good.

    Happy meditating friends X

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