5 ways to tap into your intuition

I moved to the Surf Coast last week. It’s approximately two and a half hours from where I’ve been living the past two years at home on the Mornington Peninsula. The prospect came on my radar early in December and then it all clicked in a few weeks later. I was originally packing for two weeks for Matt & I’s holiday, then it changed to a month, then literally the night before all of a sudden there I was telling my students at yoga then my parents at the dinner table, “a dream opportunity has come my way and I’m moving to the Surf Coast for at least a year, it feels right so I’m going to go for it!”


This leap required every inch of my intuitive courage. I’ve been reflecting on how I managed to say yes to this despite the fear of the unknown and leaving what was a very comfortable life for myself that I’d created on the ninch. Tapping in to our intuition can sound like an airy-fairy concept but there are very practical things that can help to tune in to these ‘gut instincts’, whether it be for big decisions or just little nudges in our everyday life.  I thought I’d share with you five of my personal go-to practices; Note: they happen to also be my go-to’s for life in general!



~ my sactuary. It is always so helpful for me to get my thoughts on paper and see what insights come through. I still use the old ‘pros and cons list’ when I’ve got a decision to make! Journalling helps me to look at the full spectrum and tap in to how I really feel and what fears/emotions/feelings are coming up. It allows me to go there and prevent spiritually bypassing situations.


~ it is an all round godsend & the practice I a most commonly recommend to others. Meditation is like turning on your intuitive tap! I’ve had many of the greatest insights in my life whilst meditating. For me it helps to create a little more ease and surrender during those ‘spaces in between’ in life. Taking the body out of the fight/flight response can allow us to sit with how we truly feel. It can often create a ripe environment for those moments of ‘a-ha’ or truth bombs to drop in.

·      NATURE

~ literally medicine to me, especially the ocean, I instantly feel clearer and lighter after a dip. On Tuesday when I moved down I was feeling overwhelmed and quite emotional with the changes, I called Matt, “Mandy have you been to the beach yet?” (cue; me rolling my eyes because I know this is the best thing for me to do to get me back in to alignment). 


~ For circulating dat energy! Dancing, long walks, yoga and surfing are personally my favourite forms.

·      TAROT

~ Drawing tarot cards always brings me comfort, inspiration & guidance.


*Oooo and if I could add an unofficial sixth it would be activating aeroplane mode on my phone -

no distractions = clearer channel*


Have I mentioned some of your own go-to’s? How else do you tap in to your intuition?

Leave me a comment below I’d love to hear from you <3