How I use the Home Essentials Kit

The oils that come in doTERRA's Home Essentials Kit have SO MANY USES but I thought today I'd just share some of my fave ways to use them (keep in mind I'm just scratching the surface, the possibilities are endless). 

Lavender - this is my sleep oil. Personally I try to use this oil only around bed time to create that association - lavender and sleep! Lavender is all things calming and soothing. I'll often diffuse it a couple of hours before bed, so when I walk into my bedroom for sleepy time its bloody LUSH! On a cooler night I love to diffuse it with On Guard before bed for all the cosy, comforting vibes. I'll also rub a drop between my hands, cup over the nose and take a few deep breaths with it, then rub some into the back of my neck. And a drop on the pillow never goes astray!

Peppermint - peppy is quite invigorating!! Simple energy pick me up (or first thing in morning/before exercise) again, placing 1 drop in to the palm of the hand, rub hands together, cup over nose & inhale deeply. Inhale straight from the bottle to relieve headache. Can mix with some carrier oil & apply to the stomach to sooth digestive issues. Great in raw choccy and hot cocao!

Lemon - As a citrus oil, lemon is a very joyful oil. Beautiful to diffuse in the mornings with tea tree or on guard or easy air. I use it in my natural glass cleaner with water and vinegar. I make up a warm water drink with lemon oil first thing to help alkalise the digestive system. And did someone say lemon bliss balls. YAS.

Tea Tree - One of my personal faves! I just love diffusing this!! I have it on hand for any cuts/abrasions as its great for healing the skin. I also use it in my natural laundry cleaner which is just epsom salts & tea tree/eucalyptus oil! In my first home we were surrounded by tea tree so something about this oil gives me all the straya love.

Oregano - If I feel a cold or tickle in my throat this is my go-to; I put one drop of oregano in a big glass of warm water with a teaspoon of salt and I gargle it. I also add a drop to jazz up my spaghetti bolognese or bone broth.

On Guard - this is the protective blend, will remind you of chai! If chai is a hug in a cup well this oil is a hug in a bottle ;) Absolutely divine to diffuse and very supportive emotionally, particularly for the heart. As the weather gets cooler I love to rub it in to the soles of my feet after a shower then put my big explorer socks over the top before bed!  I use it to make my natural all purpose cleaner.

Easy Air - This is the respiratory blend and GAHH I freaking love this oil! Another good one to have a few deep breaths with first thing in the morning. Amazing to diffuse. I use just like you would the oil Vick's rub (minus the petrochemicals) by adding a drop to some carrier oil and applying to throat, chest and spine .

Digest Zen - the digestive blend, I apply to the stomach with some carrier oil if I have any tummy upset going on.

Ice Blue - the athletic blend, I apply again, with carrier oil, to any areas of muscular soreness or tension. It's going to remind you of deep heat because of the wintergreen but the aroma is more subtle.

Frankincense - of course the best til last. I don't really go anywhere without him. There's a saying in oil world - "if in doubt use frank", because he's just BOSS. I often place a drop under the tongue as preventative health measure - this is suggested as a daily protocol because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Beautiful to use in meditation, I love breathing it in then applying it to the back of my neck.

***The Home Essentials Kit is the way I started out with the oils because it is hands down the best value. 90% of people who sign up with doTERRa sign up with this kit. You get these top 10 oils that every household should have, including Frankincense which normally retails at $119, plus your diffuser & your wholesale membership (otherwise $35) which gives you access to wholesale prices on the oils for the next year. Getting the kit also means you can become a witch straight away having your set of oils to concot with!

If you want to hook yourself up with the Mama Nature goodness you can follow the prompts here & order your own Home Essentials Kit :) Yay!