Boundaries are Beautiful

~ Online Course ~


“Open, gentle heart. Big fucking fence.”

-Danielle LaPorte

Do you…

  • have trouble saying no

  • feel like shit after saying no

  • feel anxious about feeling shit after saying no so don’t say no

  • want to create or uplevel your boundaries but just don’t even know where to start

  • sometimes feel ‘walked over’

  • yearn to be able to speak up for yourself

  • ever feel tired of downplaying your intuitive nudges

  • want to have more love overflowing for yourself and your nearest & dearest

  • desire the support of people who ‘get it’

  • believe in a world where people are able to express their needs

  • want to feel more clear, calm & in the drivers seat of your life?

We have been falsely programmed to believe that people pleasing or not rocking the boat is the right thing to do but the trade off for these behaviours is too greater cost & I know you feel it too. The disowning of our true self, the inability to express what we need, the ignoring of our own desires, the draining of our life forece…I’m inviting you to draw a line in the sand. Do you ever get the nudge, the sense, that this needs to stop with you?

Well - brave, beautiful heart, there’s something I want you to know…

The loving AND fierce woman you yearn to settle in to is seeking you, just as much as you are seeking her.

I have created this course for you my sensitive, empathic and intuitive babes, front of my mind & heart (it takes on to know one ;) Let me reassure you straight up that this will NOT be a course that will rip your base from under you, in which you tell everyone in your life to kindly f$% off. I need you to know that this is a supported, embodied integration. Less is more and we will be moving through just one different aspect to boundaries per week. Growth always stretches us but I am very passionate about growth that is sustainable, achievable and lasting.

As this is a lifelong exploration, I will focus on tools you can take with you for the rest of your life. One new deeply aligned boundary that’s a 1% shift in your life is more important than an uprooting of your life that makes you feel robotic or be someone you’re not - you know what I mean?

Boundaries look different for EVERYBODY. You will be given the space to reflect on what’s currently working and what’s not with the boundaries (or lack of) in your life.

Join me for a four week deep dive in to establishing appropriate boundaries.

Let me give you a taste of each week:

  1. Self Worth ~ the backbone to your boundaries

  2. Speaking your Truth ~ strengthening the throat chakra

  3. Personal Discernment ~ intuition as BOSS

  4. Backing Yourself ~ creating your own unique ritual that will support you way beyond the course

Boundaries are Beautiful starts Monday 4th November, 2019.

Enrolments close 3rd Nov, 2019.

The course includes:

  • Content delivered via email twice weekly for the duration

  • A variety of written, video, audio content & exercises so you can explore each theme in the way that resonates with you

  • Facebook Group for us to learn & support each other

  • 2 x Live 75 min Video Group Mentoring Calls - Thurs 14th Nov 12pm & Thurs 28th Nov 12pm (these are optional & recorded) where you will receive direct feedback from me & group guidance

“Strong back. Soft Front. Wild Heart.”

- Brene Brown

Let’s create the new paradigm together…

Boundaries are Beautiful

Starts Monday 4th November, 19’.




How do I work through the course?


This is designed to be a four week immersion, where you work through the content as it comes, this will enable you to make the most of the group energy. However, it is also of course fine to work out of the order & tailor it to what you need.

How much time will I need to invest in the course?

I would recommend setting aside at least 30 mins to dive in to each email, and then there will also be the 2 x 75min group calls.

Do I receive any support through the course?

Yes, we have two group calls together. It is during this time I will be able to answer your questions & support your process. If you are unable to attend live, a recording will be sent for you to watch in your own time.

How do I keep the resources?

I recommend creating a folder in your inbox & saving each email in that safe place.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds are not available, all sales are final.

I have a personal question, can I email you privately?

Of course - contact me

Testimonials from BAB babes !

Wow! What can I say other than boundaries really are BEAUTIFUL! Amanda showcases this in such a gentle, loving approach through her in-depth knowledge and experience of boundaries. The course content presented a lot of insight, learning and moments where I challenged my ego and overall understanding of boundaries, both my own and those around me. I now look at boundaries in a whole new loving light and am more conscious and aware of them, thanks to Amanda and this course! <3
— Alex
Mandy’s Boundaries are Beautiful course seriously entered my world at the right time! During our month together with a beautiful intimate group I felt so supported and almost like I had finally been given a permission slip to put myself first and have safe and positive broundaries. Mandy you have the sweetest heart and you have a special place in mine. Thank you for being my cheerleader during a time when I needed it most.
— Christie
Boundaries are Beautiful was the most nurturing and safe way to begin my journey with setting boundaries in my life, work and relationships. Amanda created a space that made me feel heard and understood perfect no committed yes! A mantra I’ll be telling myself daily as I continue to grow. This course is perfect for anyone who feels called to make changes in their life and better understand themselves along the way. Thank you Amanda I am so grateful for you!
— Anonymous
I loved BAB. The content was beautiful and the way it was delivered was great because I never felt overwhelmed & there was no pressure to complete each activity by a certain date. The community & Facebook group was amazing because everyone was on a similar journey and it was great to feel you weren’t alone. I will definitely be referencing back to the content as I continue on my ‘boundaries journey’ this in itself is invaluable. Thank you Mandy for the beautiful content & beautiful space!
— Courtney