Claiming Sensitivity as a Superpower

~ Three Week Online Course ~


They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit…

I have created a 21 day course to rewire your perception of what it means to be SENSITIVE.

Be empowered with tools that will allow you to thrive &

Claim your sensitivity as the superpower that it is

- now & for the rest of your life.

Sensitive adj.

1.     quick to detect or respond to slight changes, signals or influences

2.     having or displaying a quick and delicate appreciation of others’ feelings

Have you ever been told “you’re too sensitive”, "it’s not that big of a deal”, to “just get over it” or to “stop taking things so personally?”

Its no wonder with knee-jerk responses like this embedded in our culture, that sensitive people can in turn see themselves as ‘weak’ or less than. We live in a World where generally speaking logic and rationality is more highly regarded than sensitivity and feeling. Many of the structures and systems in place support the former (although, great change and healing is slowly happening to help balance this out on our planet).

To the one who is deeply connected to the emotional realm, to thoughts, feelings & energy, to the one who is sometimes overwhelmed by the complexity and sheer quantity of emotion felt, to the one who tears up when a moment moves them, to the one who finds it hard to be in environments with strong or harsh energy - I have created this course for you, with deep empathy & understanding.

Beautiful being, I want you to know that your ability to know how someone is feeling before they do, to comfort hearts with your understanding and to intuit things off the cufF - it’s nothing short of a freaking superpower.

I know how challenging it can be to identify as sensitive or empath, when it is not always celebrated or acknowledged, and in some cases, it is even shamed. The gravity of being empathic in today’s world can sometimes feel like more of a curse than a blessing, especially when the 6 o’clock news comes on (amiright!) & ESPECIALLY when you don’t have ways to navigate it or process your experiences.

empower yourself with a toolkit of exercises, resources, energetic practices & rituals that will allow you to flourish.

Join me for a three week deep dive in to what it means to be ‘sensitive’. You will:

  • heal any negative experiences around being sensitive

  • learn simple practical ways to energetically protect yourself & cleanse your energy

  • connect with like minded women who ‘get it’! Hallelujah!

  • finish this course with the upmost gratitude that the Universe decided in all its wisdom that you were destined to have this unique trait during your lifetime

  • be provided with an abundance of resources to support your future exploration

I want to give you the opportunity to heal

& HONOUR YOUR sensitivity as a gift.

The course includes:

  • Content delivered via email every day, Mon-Sat over the three weeks

  • Video/audio lessons to guide you through specific practices & exercises

  • 3 x Live Video Group Mentoring Calls (these are optional & recorded) where you will receive direct feedback from me & group guidance over the duration of the course



My mentoring experience with Mandy absolutely exceeded any expectations I had and was easily the most powerful decision I made in 2018. Mandy has such a gorgeous energy that makes sharing intimate details, vulnerabilities and uncomfy stuff totally comfortable. Mandy guided me through some mind blowing energy shifts and supported me to push through so many limiting beliefs. Mandy paints these fabulous visuals and impact statements that provide you with the kindest support. Intuitive, patient, tapped in and with a wealth of knowledge and real life experience, Mandy completely lives and breathes what she teaches! Could not recommend these sessions enough!!
— Nicole Winter



What happens after I purchase the course?

You will receive a receipt for your purchase via email. On Friday 29th March you will receive an email with excitement about the course starting 1st April.

How do I work through the course?

This is designed to be a three week program, where you work through the content as it comes, each day. However, it is also fine to work out of the order & tailor it to what you need.

How much time will I need to invest in the course?

I would recommend setting aside at least 15 mins a day and then an hour each week for the group call. Sometimes life happens though and there’s no need to worry because you will have all of the content in your inbox to access in your own timing.

Do I receive any support through the course?

Yes, we have three group calls together, on Tuesdays 7-8pm of the course. It is during this time I will be able to answer your questions & support your process. If you are unable to attend live, a recording will be sent for you to download and watch in your own time.

How do I keep the resources?

I recommend creating a folder in your inbox & saving each email in that safe place.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds are not available, all sales are final.

I have a personal question, can I email you privately?

Of course - contact me

I am so so happy with the results of my mentoring sessions with you! You really do have a gift to bring love and light into the world and to guide people towards their path. It’s amazing how easy it has been to know what I already know within, but couldn’t hear until you helped me to listen. The progress I’ve made in months, would have surely taken years and much much more stress and anxiety. I’m so much more confident in myself and trusting my intuition. Life’s problems can sometimes make me smile now that I can see them as opportunities for growth. I love you and think you’re amazing.
— Clare Hudson
My mentoring experience with Mandy was raw, honest and freeing. I felt completely supported to explore parts of myself that had been tucked away to keep myself safe over the years. Mandy was more like a friend than a mentor, listening, guiding and giving so much love in the tender times where change became a little daunting and unfamiliar. I think the most beautiful thing I gained from Mandy was the art of self love and self care. I learned how to understand myself better as well as my needs, learning to be comfortable and hold myself in the uncomfortable times, trust in my intuition and be gentle with the process, as well as helpful tools accustomed to me that are now apart of my daily routine. It’s a never ending journey, but I am honoured to have had this mentoring experience with such a intelligent and gentle soul who continuously believes in you even when you don’t. Thank you so much Mandy, I am forever grateful.
— Jessie Tunbridge
Amanda’s Feminine Embodiment course was exactly what my soul had been yearning for. Even though I was time poor, I knew from the beginning it was exactly what I had been needing. Although I have ritualised self care already and have encouraged various self care practices professionally for many years, my experience with Amanda and the other women in the circle was so profound in its sacredness. Each week I felt I was able to access a greater depth of exploration and healing, I shared several indescribable experiences within the circle. Amanda’s ability to hold space is a testament to the depth of work she has done within her own life. Amanda so generously shared her knowledge and loving presence with us each week, as well as invaluable resources. Since completing the course I have read books Amanda had recommended, incorporated new practices and the experience continues to unfold into new dimensions. I have found new meaning in my personal experience of womanhood, primarily in a newfound permission to just be in my own flavour of womanness. The power of this permission has unraveled me and continues to ripple out into my relationships with others. Although Amanda didn’t teach me anything I didn’t know already, she offered me the time to explore and embody these wisdom teachings, in a space where I could be seen and heard in a depth I had never before experienced. I feel that sharing this empowering experience with other women was transformative and certainly one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.
— Meg Odgers