2019 AUSTRALIAN TOUR. Four Fridays. Three States.

If you’ve got a d-floor itch but cbf waiting til 2am for it to get lit…

This is YOUR NIGHT Queen. X

femme friday.jpg

Tickets on sale Friday 9th August 9am aest!

Perth, wa : friday 6th sep 2019

Geelong, VIC : Friday 13th Sep 2019

Sunshine Coast, QLD : Friday 20th Sep 2019

Mornington, VIC : Friday 27th Sep 2019

Those moments when your favourite song comes on, you’ve got a bunch of epic humans alongside you, the drop is incoming and you look around and think ‘this moment, fk I love this moment.’ You feel me yeah?!

…Let’s be honest on the large majority my ideal night is a cup of tea, piece of choccy (okay, a row), heat pack and in bed early as poss (I’m guessing yours is too?!)….


This idea tapped me on the shoulder years ago and I have simply selfishly created what I wished existed !

A place for women to feel completely free and safe, combined with chill hangs, cocao and meditation to make for the most soul nourishing evening, all wrapped up by 10pm!

The night was just divine. I felt like my soul and my body had been cleansed and purified. Any energy blockages I had even mere feelings of being ‘off’ were shifted! It was a lovely night, free of judgement and just what this girl needed!
femme friday (2).jpg