Hey lovely, welcome to my online home. 


I'm Amanda (but more often Mandy, Mands, Manda) and I’m a Yoga Teacher, Women’s Mentor & doTERRA essential oils leader

I feel deeply passionate about self-love, intuitive living & accessing those parts of ourselves that are limitless.

I believe that freedom is a life aligned with Your Truth.

This space is for you if you feel like life wasn’t really meant to be a list of should’s or ‘I’ll be happy when’ statements (eg. It’s the weekend/getting the perfect Euro sunset pic).

I'm glad that you stopped by, I hope you find equal amounts of comfort & inspiration here.


How I got here... 

I grew up seaside in Rosebud; VIC. It’s a beautiful place that’s not the city and not the country, somewhere in between. I’ve always thought of myself as quite a free spirit, someone who didn’t want a life ‘by the books’ but a life that felt deeply meaningful to me & contributed to the World in some way. When I finished school I saved up enough money to spend my GAP year in South America, volunteering teaching English in a third world community. I wanted to help people & have always been fascinated by the human condition, so even though I didn’t know what I wanted to ‘be’ as such, I defaulted to studying psychology.

Living in Geelong for 3 years I was partying a lil too hard & beachin’ in between having this niggling feeling that the psychology degree wasn’t ‘it’. In 2014, my third year, I started exploring other avenues; I got addicted to Yoga & was meditating daily. For me these new habits shifted the focus, I was realising that it all starts within. I naturally started sharing what I was learning with others, which led me to register a business; running workshops & sharing online.


My health thrived for the first time in many years, finally healing chronic fatigue which had plagued me for the previous 5 years. I started taking amazing care of my body, mind & spirit.

It was near impossible for me to do things that were other people’s expectations/shoulds; my body would let me know straight away. Thus I got the balls at the end of the year to listen to my intuition, defer my course and sit in the uncomfortable space of ‘what now’, the space in between.

An opportunity to go to India to do my Yoga Teacher Training arose a few months later and I took it; one of the best decisions of my life. I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants ever since in fierce commitment to a life that feels meaningful and true to me. Following my curiosities has led me to study various self development & wellness modalities; Qi Gong, meditation, Chinese Medicine, Reiki, Tantra, essential oils, food as medicine and menstrual cycle awareness.

I love what I do and I adore my life. 

A bit more about me... 

  • My favourite thing in the World is going on camping adventures. I feel so much like ‘me’ sitting around a campfire talking shit or just silently being mesmerized by the flames
  • I have such a sweet tooth...thoroughly enjoy cuddling up on the couch with a peppermint tea and dark choccy
  • I believe in Yin & Yang 
  • I’m a beach gal through and through; the ocean is my favourite place. Learning to surf is one of the greatest gifts my Dad gave me
  • Music is the tits, amIright? Dancing & singing in my car/kitchen/anywhere is part of my everyday.
  • I adore the seasons of nature; Chinese Medicine helped me to embrace what each season has to offer us
  • Huge believer that everything happens for a reason
  • A bath with espom salts, lavender and coco oil - heaven
  • I love being in tune with my menstrual cycle
  • Going out for brunch is LIFE
  • I do get swept up in trashy TV from time to time, Sex & the City is my old fave…
  • I smell like essential oils 24/7
  • Unapologetically a romantic who loves love
  • I’m a dog person but have a very soft spot for cats as well


Follow the journey on insta @amanda._hill for behind the scenes adventures, car parties and musings ! X



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