Are you a sensitive soul yearning for your life to be

more deeply aligned with your inherent Truth?

Great, that’s my jam!

I got chu boo.

Photography: The Ninety Mile

Photography: The Ninety Mile


I work with sensitive, empathic & intuitive souls to:

  • become more confident in who they are & truly own their personal flavour

  • thrive within their unique sensitivity

  • establish healthy, appropriate boundaries

  • deepen their femininity, sensuality & relationship to the Divine

  • access the freedom that comes from living a life aligned with Truth

  • come in to deep communion with their intuition and allow it to lead the way in all aspects of their life…

When I reflect on my mentoring experience with Mandy, I think of goosebumps, Intuition, Truth and deep seeded Growth that will expand far beyond our few months together. After all of the spiritual work I’ve done up until this point, I’ve never had such a profound feeling of reassurance and trust within myself and the path I’m travelling on.
— Lauri Phyland


The 411; 

  • 1x 75min introductory session

  • 5x 60min sessions

  • Email support

  • All sessions take place on zoom or over the phone

  • Investment is $400/per month, for three months

I offer free, no obligation discovery calls (20 mins) because well - VIBES are everything.

This time will allow us both to feel in & see if we’d make a ‘meant to be’ mentoring match.

I can’t wait to meet you beautiful. X


What I bring to our partnership:

I have completed studies in Psychology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki and am a Qualified Yoga Teacher.

In my experience of privately mentoring, combined with regularly holding women’s circles, teaching yoga & my online courses; I have developed and nurtured what I believe is my innate gift of guiding people within.

And I am just SO honoured to do this as my ‘work’.

Do you have more questions?

Contact me here. I can’t wait to hear from you angel. X


We all know when it’s time to call in some back up (the support squad).

We get the itch, the knock on the door from the Universe, the whisper “there’s MORE”.

The sense to create a new level of Radiance, Love, Pleasure, Depth, Joy & Grace…

Is that time now babes?


My mentoring experience with Mandy absolutely exceeded any expectations I had and was easily the most powerful decision I made in 2018. Mandy has such a gorgeous energy that makes sharing intimate details, vulnerabilities and uncomfy stuff totally comfortable. Mandy guided me through some mind blowing energy shifts and supported me to push through so many limiting beliefs. Mandy paints these fabulous visuals and impact statements that provide you with the kindest support. Intuitive, patient, tapped in and with a wealth of knowledge and real life experience, Mandy completely lives and breathes what she teaches! Could not recommend these sessions enough!!
— Nicole Winter
Amanda’s Feminine Embodiment course was exactly what my soul had been yearning for. Even though I was time poor, I knew from the beginning it was exactly what I had been needing. Although I have ritualised self care already and have encouraged various self care practices professionally for many years, my experience with Amanda and the other women in the circle was so profound in its sacredness. Each week I felt I was able to access a greater depth of exploration and healing, I shared several indescribable experiences within the circle. Amanda’s ability to hold space is a testament to the depth of work she has done within her own life. Amanda so generously shared her knowledge and loving presence with us each week, as well as invaluable resources. Since completing the course I have read books Amanda had recommended, incorporated new practices and the experience continues to unfold into new dimensions. I have found new meaning in my personal experience of womanhood, primarily in a newfound permission to just be in my own flavour of womanness. The power of this permission has unraveled me and continues to ripple out into my relationships with others. Although Amanda didn’t teach me anything I didn’t know already, she offered me the time to explore and embody these wisdom teachings, in a space where I could be seen and heard in a depth I had never before experienced. I feel that sharing this empowering experience with other women was transformative and certainly one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.
— Meg Odgers
I am so so happy with the results of my mentoring sessions with you! You really do have a gift to bring love and light into the world and to guide people towards their path. It’s amazing how easy it has been to know what I already know within, but couldn’t hear until you helped me to listen. The progress I’ve made in months, would have surely taken years and much much more stress and anxiety. I’m so much more confident in myself and trusting my intuition. Life’s problems can sometimes make me smile now that I can see them as opportunities for growth. I love you and think you’re amazing.
— Clare Hudson
My mentoring experience with Mandy was raw, honest and freeing. I felt completely supported to explore parts of myself that had been tucked away to keep myself safe over the years. Mandy was more like a friend than a mentor, listening, guiding and giving so much love in the tender times where change became a little daunting and unfamiliar. I think the most beautiful thing I gained from Mandy was the art of self love and self care. I learned how to understand myself better as well as my needs, learning to be comfortable and hold myself in the uncomfortable times, trust in my intuition and be gentle with the process, as well as helpful tools accustomed to me that are now apart of my daily routine. It’s a never ending journey, but I am honoured to have had this mentoring experience with such a intelligent and gentle soul who continuously believes in you even when you don’t. Thank you so much Mandy, I am forever grateful.
— Jessie Tunbridge
My mentoring experience with Mandy has been nothing short of incredible. She has been so supportive and open with the whole process, allowing me to explore parts of my being that I hadn’t considered as self care until now. She provided me with awesome resources that really helped me work towards my goals outside of our sessions, and was always cheering me on! I felt comfortable working with Mandy on whatever topic I needed, from working through difficult emotions and situations, to managing time for me, to self love. I have grown so much as a person and feel that I now have the tools to continue working on myself to be the happiest and brightest version of me! I can’t thank Mandy enough for the magical experience.
— Kimberley Hylsop