22: Mental Health & Wellbeing with Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones is a Mental Health Clinician & creator of The Human Mine. She is a Mental Health & Wellbeing advocate whom believes we all have a mine within us, we need only turn inwards to access the gold. 

I chat to Kels about: 

+ what strategies Kelsey uses for her Mental Health 

+ what Kelsey is currently working on within herself

+ reducing the stigma of seeking support 

+ the importance of boundaries inc. what to do when people don't agree with your boundaries 

+ what issues are facing our men today and how we can support them

+ so much more! 


+The Human Mine

+Episode 19 TAHS with Claire Baker


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21: Q & A

Listen to ep 21 !

This is a special Q & A episode where I answer questions from my community such as;

+ What is a book that changed you?

+ How do I stop feeling guilty about creating boundaries?

+ What was or is still a limiting belief of yours? 

+ How do you deal with judgement about the work you're doing?

+ How did you work with your sexual self/side?

and more!



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20: Maybe you're not F-ing Up...Maybe you're Collecting Data

Listen to Episode 20 !

Part of my awakening was keeping data on how I felt each day over several months. I learned a lot during that time about the power of Collecting Data…. In this episode I chat about:

+ Why I was Collecting Data

+ How you can collect your own data

+ Making choices from just thinking about it vs. actually feeling it in your body

+ What embodiment means

+ Injecting humour whilst still being #thebestpersonyoucanbe ;) !!!

+How this is a method for deeper self love, self trust and embodiment

+Upcoming online course ‘Boundaries are Beautiful’ **note enrolments close 2nd August!


+ Boundaries are Beautiful Online Course


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19: Periods & Partners with Claire Baker

Listen to Episode 19 here. X

Claire Baker is an Australian women’s coach based in London. She focuses on the intersection of life coaching and menstrual cycle awareness. Claire teaches women how to sync their lives with their menstrual cycle, believing that this approach is the ‘missing key’ in women’s wellbeing. Her work empowers women to embrace their natural rhythm, claim their self-authority and transform their creative, emotional, sexual, and spiritual self. 

In this episode I chat with Claire about:

+ what she is currently frothing

+ how menstrual cycle awareness naturally became the cornerstone to Claire’s life and business

+ the difference in cycles that men & women move through

+ Claire’s number one tips for communicating to a non-menstruating partner about your cycle

+ The dangers of trying to perfect the cycle & comparing your cycle with others

+ What Claire is currently practising within herself

+ Menstrual Cycle Awareness as a core anchor in to your life & in to your self

+ Claire and I share the deals we have made with our partners during our Winters ;) ! 

+ How to sell the benefits on menstrual cycle awareness to your partner #rabbitweek

+ How to not kill your partner on roundabouts day 25 of your cycle and thus, the importance of space

+ Bringing other people on the journey & allowing the Home to be more in tune with the woman’s cycle

+ Sexual energy through the seasons and the patterns Claire has noticed within herself

+ Tips for navigating two cycles simultaneously in same sex relationships 


+ Episode 8 of The Amanda Hill Show ‘I Adore My Cycle’

+ Claire’s Website

+ Claire’s Instagram

+ Adore Your Cycle eBook

+ ‘Adore Your Cycle, Love Your Body & Honour Your Feminine Flow’ Podcast Interview with Claire Baker

+ ‘How to work with an irregular cycle’

+ ’20 ideas for self care when you have your period’

+ ‘My menstrual cycle story: post pill self care & getting to know my cycle’

+ Dr. Nat Kringoudis Contraceptive Options blog post

+ ‘What does your contraception say about you?’ The Wellness Collective Podcast Episode 4


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18: What's your Flavour?

Listen to Episode 18 here :)

This is truly one of the most powerful concepts I’ve spoken about on the podcast to date ! This simple but profound concept will change the way you interact with yourself & others. Let’s chat about:

+ My ultimate ice cream flavour ;)

+ Tapping in to your unique flavour - what makes you, YOU

+ How doing this eases feelings of comparison

+ Being inspired by someone owning their flavour

+ How I got schooled in this principle the day leading up to speaking at an event about it!


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17: A Comparison Antidote

Listen to Episdoe 17 here :)

In this episode I chat about:

+ Acknowledging that comparison is part of being human

+ The wisdom of seasonality so beautifully displayed within nature and how we can use this to decrease comparison and reclaim our power

+ Examples of how ‘comparisonitis’ can show up in many subtle, sneaky and sometimes overt ways

+ Invitation for you to reflect on your current season & devote to respecting it

+Some deets about ‘The Empowered Woman’ ! My group mentoring program which is running for this May - Sept in 2019 !


+ Read more about & register your interest for The Empowered Woman here

+ Tiffany Peterson

+ Episode 8 ‘I Adore my Cycle’

+ Episode 12 ‘Jumping on the Soul Train with Lauren Aletta’

+ Rupi Kaur


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16: The Undeniable Power of All In

In this episode I chat about:

+ The details of my upcoming online course!

+ How it’s felt for me jumping in to my biz full time in 2019

+ Why being ‘all in’ is so powerful

+ ‘No more plan B’

+ Trusting your timing

+ Applying this to your life in big & small situations

+ Ways you can support yourself to create a new, expanded reality

+A story from history that demonstrates the psychology power of the point of no return


+ Head to my About page, scroll to the bottom & sign up for my email list if you haven’t already

+ Marie Forleo’s B School

+ Burn Your Boats


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15: The Spirit of Rebellion with Tara Bliss

Listen to Episode 15 !

Welcome back for Season 2 of The Amanda Hill Show !

Tara Bliss is a best-selling author, doTERRA Presidential Diamond and foundress of her signature mentoring program Rebels of Light. Her mission is to be an example of sovereignty in action, guiding women away from the confines of their false limitations and back to the remembrance of their vastness.

In this episode I chat with Tara about:

+ What has got Tara at a high ‘froth factor’ !

+ Understanding the role of darkness in life

+ Owning our personal data & staying in your lane

+ Tara’s many life paths - bartending, hairdressing, making pizzas, personal training, doing admin, bungee jump instructing and what each of them taught her

+ Why Tara started a network marketing business and what her ‘why’ for doing so has now evolved in to, since building a million dollar a year business

+ What Tara wants women everywhere to know

+ Business and inspiration as entities

+ Leadership 2.0

+ Why Tara aims to live an excuse free life

+ 3 non-negotiable boundaries Tara currently lives by

+ so much more !


+ To receive Amanda’s free Yoga Nidra guided meditation, head here, scroll to the bottom & sign up for the love letters

+ Tara’s Website

+ Tara’s Instagram

+ Learn more about Tara’s Signature Mentoring Program Rebels of Light



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14: There's Always a Trade Off

In this final episode for season one I chat about:  

+ Reflecting on the year thus far

+ Energetic preparations for 2019

+ ‘There’s always a trade off’ wise words from Claire Baker 

+ Examples of how this has played out in my life over the past year

+ Everyone is being tested in their life behind the veils of social media

+ Navigating the space in between

+ Letting it be messy, surrendering to the process 

+ Exploring principles of yin & yang

+ Asking the Universe for help !


 + 1:1 Mentoring

 + Claire Baker

 + Episode 11 TAHS: True Path, True Love with Nick Broadhurst

 + Episode 12 TAHS: Jumping on the Soul Train with Lauren Aletta


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13: Heart and Hands with Katrina Smith

Listen to Episode 13 :)

Katrina Smith is a heart led creative, magick weaver, visionary artist, crystal messenger, healer, yoga & meditation teacher, Reiki 2 practitioner, mother of two & infinitely more. She is also the founder of Heart & Hands.

In this episode I chat with Katrina about:

 + Spring cleaning and the internal/external parallel

+ The call for more simplicity in life at the moment

+ Her journey of motherhood and reconnecting with herself 

+ The incredible story of how Heart & Hands came to Katrina 

+ Katrina’s creative process

+ Dealing with the inner critic

+ How Katrina plans her day

+ Navigating the online space & being yourself


+ Katrina’s Instagram

+ Katrina’s Website

+ “Radiant You” post

+ Katrina’s offerings

+ Episode 12 of The Amanda Hill Show with Lauren Aletta

+ Amanda’s blog post on fave meditations


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11: True Path, True Love With Nick Broadhurst

Listen to Episode 11!

Nick Broadhurst is a singer, songwriter, film producer, founding member of Sneaky Sound System, saxophonist for Flight Facilities, podcast host, meditation and Ayurveda advocate, visual artist, entrepreneur, performer, father and husband.

In this episode I chat to Nick about;

+ What he is currently frothing and the inspiration for his new album

+ Nick’s journey with a serious life threatening illness as well as 3 years bedridden that sparked a wake up call

+ The steps he took in creating a life of meaning, love, service and music

+ The two books that changed it all for him and why

+ Harnessing the power of the masculine

+ What the feminine always yearns for in intimate relationships

+ Support and challenge in life and love as the secret of the Universe

+ What Nick is currently working on in himself

+ The rubber band concept in romantic relationships

+ The single piece of advice Nick would offer to anyone in a relationship



+ Nick’s Website

+ Nick’s Instagram

+ The Nick Broadhurst Show Podcast

+ Listen to Nick’s music on Spotify

+ Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini

+ Open Wide by Melissa Ambrosini

+ The Way Of The Superior Man by David Deida

+ Dear Lover by David Deida

+ Episode 62 of The Nick Broadhurst Show “How To Be A ‘Superior’ Man”

+ Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsh

+ Episode 32 of The Melissa Ambrosini Show “Conversations With God And Neale Donald Walsh”

+ Episode 98 of The Nick Broadhurst Show “Help! I’m More ‘Conscious’ Than My Partner”

+ 1 Giant Mind free meditation app


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10: Let's Talk About Boundaries Bitches

Listen to Episode 10!

*Disclaimer: ‘bitches’ is used here as an affectionate term ;)

This conversation explores;

+ Boundaries as self care 101

+ Establishing boundaries not only to protect your solo time but to also protect the most meaningful relationships in your life

+ Recognising not everyone is going to get it so it’s important that you have your own back

+ Communicating your Truth with love ie. don’t have to be a robot

+ It’s our responsibility to set our boundaries, other people can’t read our minds, we need to be clear in communicating them

+ Using the energy of the wild woman and “giving less fucks” when necessary

+ Wise words from Elizabeth Gilbert on boundaries

+ Boundaries aren’t effing selfish they are bloody NECESSARY



+ The Empowered Woman

+ Episode 1 – Welcome to The Amanda Hill Show

+ My Mickel Therapist, Saul Levitt

+ Episode 8 – I Adore My Cycle

Elizabeth Gilbert’s Instagram post


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9: Healing Is Not Linear

Listen to Episode 9

This episode explores the following themes on healing;

+ Healing is not linear

+ Identifying triggers as an opportunity to go deeper with your conviction

+ The shame we feel around not already healing something we know we’d like to have already ‘ticked off’ and how that shame just creates another thing to heal!

+ Nothing is ever a waste

+ We are actually always moving forward!

+ Healing from lack vs. healing from wholeness

+ New definition of discovering self rather than feeling like constantly fixing self to ‘be good enough’.

+ If you’re taking your spiritual practice seriously you’ve missed the point

+ The dangers of over identifying with the healing process and forgetting to enjoy the work you’ve done



+ Post by Rachel McDonald

+ Episode 2 – Trusting Your Path with Stephanie Warburton

+ Earth is Hiring by Peta Kelly

+ You, Me & Dupree “your ness” scene



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8: I Adore My Cycle

Listen to Episode 8!

This episode details how & why I’ve come to adore my menstrual cycle inc;

+ My first period and that I don’t remember it at all

+ The pill, implanon and what sparked my decision to embrace my natural cycle

+ Sexual awakenings

+ Claire Baker’s Adore Your Cycle

+ The 4 seasons

+ Integrating this work, releasing judgement and going at your pace

+ Where I feel most at home in my cycle & my favourite day!

+ Adoring your cycle as a tool for adoring the whole spectrum of yourself

+ What I’m currently working on in my menstrual cycle awareness

+ The benefits of enhanced sustainable creativity, sexuality and deeper connection with myself

+ Releasing shame around periods as a tool for releasing deeper shame around being a woman in general! It’s deeply empowering, liberating work that is a gift to yourself and future generations


+ Adore Your Cycle eBook by Claire Baker

Coming off the pill, reclaiming sexual desire & adoring your cycle with Claire Baker

+ The Big Bleed & resting at menstruation

+ Claire’s Instagram

+ Nat Kringoudis Website

+ What does your contraception say about you? Podcast with Nat Kringoudis

+ I bled on my boyfriend's sheets blog post

+ Amanda’s Instagram   


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7: Designing A Life With Soul With Rachel Cooper

Listen to Episode 7!

Rachel Cooper is the co-creator, alongside partner Joel, of Australian ethical fashion label Frank & Dolly’s. Rach is a mother, wife, world traveller, creative genius and absolute QUEEN. Their little tribe are currently on a year-long overseas adventure!!! We shared a cuppa over Skype and chatted all things life, design, taking risks and doing what you love. We could’ve spoken for hours on end!!! This woman is the real deal and the conversation is bursting with nuggets of wisdom. I just know you are going to love this ep. 

In this episode I chat with Rach about:

 + Travel flow & how they are taking each day as it comes, staying open to the magic around every corner

+ The evolution of Frank & Dolly’s from Sunday markets to Australian clothing label with their garments being gloriously worn all over the World

+ Growing up in a resourceful home and how that has influenced the way she lives and works

+ ‘Pieces with soul’… Frank & Dolly’s as a moving tribute to loved ones passed

+ The decision to shut up shop, pack up home, transition online & take their business and family for a globe trotting year of adventures!

+ Slow fashion and how it was a no-brainer for them

+ Habitual risk taking and asking ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’ as a way to dream big and create your ultimate reality!!

+ so much more!!!



+ Frank & Dolly's Website

+ Frank & Dolly's Instagram



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6: Claiming Sensitivity As A Superpower

Listen to Episode 6 !

This episode is dedicated to all the people who have ever been told they are “too sensitive” or that they need to “harden up” or that being an “empath” is a bad thing.

In this episode I share some of my experiences with being an empath in the World.

I also offer up heaps of practical tips to help with managing energy, inc. my top 10 tips; 

1 - Alone time to recharge 

2 - Time in Mama Nature 

3 - Building a repertoire of tools to support yourself eg. meditation (1 Giant Mind is my favourite App for learning how to meditate), yoga, journalling, nature or even energy healing to guide you. 

4 - Wherever possible, be in a job/career/environment where your sensitivity is valued and can be utilized to its potential given it is such a gift! 

5 - Remember it takes all kinds to make a World. Not everyone is as emotionally in tune, we all have different gifts. Let go of needing others to change and accept them as they are. 

6 - Protecting your energy with 'invisibility cloak' when going in to harsh environments. Also, allowing everything to 'wash off' you in a Qi-Gong practice called 'silver shower'. 

7 - Don't delay your emotions. Feel at the time wherever possible. It's safe to feel <3 

8 - Empower yourself with information! Many people who are Empaths are also Introverts, taking a Myers Briggs Test will determine your tendency for introversion/extraversion. A book I recommend is Quiet by Susan Cain. 

9 - Get an animal ;) 

10 - Create home as your sanctuary 


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5: What I'm Learning About Creating & Receiving

Listen to Episode 5 !

In this episode I riff on:

+ Behind the scenes of creating The Amanda Hill Show

+ The relationship with creative ideas as entities

+ Everyone is creative

+ The two aspects of the Heart Chakra – giving and receiving

+ What I’m learning about receiving & why it’s so important to receive

+  Your creativity wants to serve you and it will, if you allow it to


+ The Amanda Hill Show previous episodes

+ Tara Bliss

+ Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

+Ignite: Podcasting for Changemakers - This is the online course I used to help me set up my podcast. Alana has basically been the midwife for The Amanda Hill Show, guiding my through the technical and energetic steps in creating my podcast. I'm an affiliate for her course because I cannot recommend it highly enough. Click the link and check it out, if you are interested in having your own podcast, this is the way to do it, she has literally thought of everything for you.


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4: Rock Your Light With Tracey Spencer

Listen to Episode 4 !

Tracey Spencer is a Self-Belief Coach, Writer, Speaker and Kundalini Yoga Teacher on a mission to help women kick self-doubt to the kerb and bring their heart’s visions to life. Through one-to-one coaching, mastermind group coaching, live workshops, yoga classes and her straight talking insta-stories, Tracey not only encourages people to listen to their hearts, but to have the courage to take action on what they hear.

With a unique way of turning spiritual lingo into real talk, she is the creator of the 8 week Head to Heart E Course and founder of the upcoming Rock Your Light: Lightworkers Academy teaching you how to step up, serve and own who you really are. Tracey reminds you how much of a privilege it is to be you, and teaches you how to rock your light, lead from your heart, and make an impact on the lives of those around you.


In this episode I chat with this badass beauty about:

+ Her journey to kicking ass and becoming LIT (& why you don't have to have a hectic story to make a difference in this world)

+ Everyone has a gift to offer the world hint: your purpose leaves clues everywhere

+ Rocking your light and being the lighthouse for others

+ What sneaky fears she has come up against recently and the simple switch she makes to kick it to the curb

+ Behind the scenes of Tracey rebelling against routines/structure and instead asking herself "what's gonna bring me joy today?" 

+ Questioning "this is what the perfect yogi/coach/person does" and enquiring "what's your perfect?"

+ How to break down your vision and take the next step ie. there's always a next obvious step wherever you're at!

+ Why our creativity is our greatest untapped resource

+ If you really want to do the work, you will make it work, start somewhere

+ What's coming up for Trace including her Melbourne event Rock Your Light and online kundalini yoga classes!



+ Tracey's Website

+ Tracey's Instagram

+ Upcoming Melbourne Event Rock Your Light Masterclass

+ Peta Kelly's book 'Earth is Hiring'

+ Menstrual Cycle Awareness - Claire Baker's eBook Adore Your Cycle



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3: Your Joy Is Safe With Me - Calling All Soul Sistas

Listen to Episode 3 !

In this episode I chat about why soul sister connections have been a theme for me this year, including how I'm calling them in and why I'm upgrading my definition. I share;

+ How I uncovered last year that this was a missing piece in my life 

+ Examples of how the old paradigm of 'keeping a lid on it' can play out

+ Why it's important to hold your own vibration 

+ #belikebeyonce

+ 6 steps I've taken this year to rewrite my experience of soul sisters and call in the relationships I was craving 

+ My new definition of a soul sister



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