7: Designing A Life With Soul With Rachel Cooper

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Rachel Cooper is the co-creator, alongside partner Joel, of Australian ethical fashion label Frank & Dolly’s. Rach is a mother, wife, world traveller, creative genius and absolute QUEEN. Their little tribe are currently on a year-long overseas adventure!!! We shared a cuppa over Skype and chatted all things life, design, taking risks and doing what you love. We could’ve spoken for hours on end!!! This woman is the real deal and the conversation is bursting with nuggets of wisdom. I just know you are going to love this ep. 

In this episode I chat with Rach about:

 + Travel flow & how they are taking each day as it comes, staying open to the magic around every corner

+ The evolution of Frank & Dolly’s from Sunday markets to Australian clothing label with their garments being gloriously worn all over the World

+ Growing up in a resourceful home and how that has influenced the way she lives and works

+ ‘Pieces with soul’… Frank & Dolly’s as a moving tribute to loved ones passed

+ The decision to shut up shop, pack up home, transition online & take their business and family for a globe trotting year of adventures!

+ Slow fashion and how it was a no-brainer for them

+ Habitual risk taking and asking ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’ as a way to dream big and create your ultimate reality!!

+ so much more!!!



+ Frank & Dolly's Website

+ Frank & Dolly's Instagram



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6: Claiming Sensitivity As A Superpower

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This episode is dedicated to all the people who have ever been told they are “too sensitive” or that they need to “harden up” or that being an “empath” is a bad thing.

In this episode I share some of my experiences with being an empath in the World.

I also offer up heaps of practical tips to help with managing energy, inc. my top 10 tips; 

1 - Alone time to recharge 

2 - Time in Mama Nature 

3 - Building a repertoire of tools to support yourself eg. meditation (1 Giant Mind is my favourite App for learning how to meditate), yoga, journalling, nature or even energy healing to guide you. 

4 - Wherever possible, be in a job/career/environment where your sensitivity is valued and can be utilized to its potential given it is such a gift! 

5 - Remember it takes all kinds to make a World. Not everyone is as emotionally in tune, we all have different gifts. Let go of needing others to change and accept them as they are. 

6 - Protecting your energy with 'invisibility cloak' when going in to harsh environments. Also, allowing everything to 'wash off' you in a Qi-Gong practice called 'silver shower'. 

7 - Don't delay your emotions. Feel at the time wherever possible. It's safe to feel <3 

8 - Empower yourself with information! Many people who are Empaths are also Introverts, taking a Myers Briggs Test will determine your tendency for introversion/extraversion. A book I recommend is Quiet by Susan Cain. 

9 - Get an animal ;) 

10 - Create home as your sanctuary 


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5: What I'm Learning About Creating & Receiving

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In this episode I riff on:

+ Behind the scenes of creating The Amanda Hill Show

+ The relationship with creative ideas as entities

+ Everyone is creative

+ The two aspects of the Heart Chakra – giving and receiving

+ What I’m learning about receiving & why it’s so important to receive

+  Your creativity wants to serve you and it will, if you allow it to


+ The Amanda Hill Show previous episodes

+ Tara Bliss

+ Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

+Ignite: Podcasting for Changemakers - This is the online course I used to help me set up my podcast. Alana has basically been the midwife for The Amanda Hill Show, guiding my through the technical and energetic steps in creating my podcast. I'm an affiliate for her course because I cannot recommend it highly enough. Click the link and check it out, if you are interested in having your own podcast, this is the way to do it, she has literally thought of everything for you.


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4: Rock Your Light With Tracey Spencer

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Tracey Spencer is a Self-Belief Coach, Writer, Speaker and Kundalini Yoga Teacher on a mission to help women kick self-doubt to the kerb and bring their heart’s visions to life. Through one-to-one coaching, mastermind group coaching, live workshops, yoga classes and her straight talking insta-stories, Tracey not only encourages people to listen to their hearts, but to have the courage to take action on what they hear.

With a unique way of turning spiritual lingo into real talk, she is the creator of the 8 week Head to Heart E Course and founder of the upcoming Rock Your Light: Lightworkers Academy teaching you how to step up, serve and own who you really are. Tracey reminds you how much of a privilege it is to be you, and teaches you how to rock your light, lead from your heart, and make an impact on the lives of those around you.


In this episode I chat with this badass beauty about:

+ Her journey to kicking ass and becoming LIT (& why you don't have to have a hectic story to make a difference in this world)

+ Everyone has a gift to offer the world hint: your purpose leaves clues everywhere

+ Rocking your light and being the lighthouse for others

+ What sneaky fears she has come up against recently and the simple switch she makes to kick it to the curb

+ Behind the scenes of Tracey rebelling against routines/structure and instead asking herself "what's gonna bring me joy today?" 

+ Questioning "this is what the perfect yogi/coach/person does" and enquiring "what's your perfect?"

+ How to break down your vision and take the next step ie. there's always a next obvious step wherever you're at!

+ Why our creativity is our greatest untapped resource

+ If you really want to do the work, you will make it work, start somewhere

+ What's coming up for Trace including her Melbourne event Rock Your Light and online kundalini yoga classes!



+ Tracey's Website

+ Tracey's Instagram

+ Upcoming Melbourne Event Rock Your Light Masterclass

+ Peta Kelly's book 'Earth is Hiring'

+ Menstrual Cycle Awareness - Claire Baker's eBook Adore Your Cycle



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3: Your Joy Is Safe With Me - Calling All Soul Sistas

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In this episode I chat about why soul sister connections have been a theme for me this year, including how I'm calling them in and why I'm upgrading my definition. I share;

+ How I uncovered last year that this was a missing piece in my life 

+ Examples of how the old paradigm of 'keeping a lid on it' can play out

+ Why it's important to hold your own vibration 

+ #belikebeyonce

+ 6 steps I've taken this year to rewrite my experience of soul sisters and call in the relationships I was craving 

+ My new definition of a soul sister



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2: Trusting Your Path With Stephanie Warburton

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Stephanie Warburton is a renowned Energy Therapist located in Melbourne, Australia. Stephanie graduated from the Kinesiology Connection and continued on to successfully attain her Reiki Masters - Teachers degree, along with practicing other modalities such as Psychic Mediumship, Angel Connection, Psychic Surgery, The Akashic Records and Meditation and Mindfulness. 

Stephanie has worked with people and held events across Australia, empowering and inspiring her audience, leading them on a heart-opening journey into wholeness. Using her real-life stories and tools, Stephanie shows compassion and understanding towards everyone whom she interacts.


In this episode we cover: 

+ Steph's various life chapters!! Inc - police officer, vet nurse and pole dance studio owner

+ Steph's connection with her Mum whom passed when she was only 17 and how her Mum has guided all of the big turning points in her life, to lead her to the work she does today

+ The various ways you can connect to your intuition

+ The reason why Steph asks all of her new clients "are you ready?"

+ Why you may already be living your purpose without even realizing

+ Why it's important not to judge where you are at in your journey and life path

+ How Steph looks after her own energy & vibration

+ Simple, easy advice for those wanting to reconnect with their true, authentic self



+ Steph's Website  

+ Steph's Instagram 

+ Steph's upcoming courses



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1: Welcome To The Amanda Hill Show

In this very first episode of the Amanda Hill Show I share;

 +how the idea for creating a podcast came to me and what my message is

 +my story in searching for my personal truth

 +my upbringing and how it shaped who I am today

 +personal struggles with chronic fatigue and key turning points

 +how I healed chronic fatigue using Mickel Therapy, yoga & meditation

 +the birth of my first business Inner Shine and the natural progression to Amanda Hill

 +why intuitive living has become the norm for me



+Ignite: Podcasting for Changemakers - This is the online course I used to help me set up my podcast. Alana has basically been the midwife for The Amanda Hill Show, guiding my through the technical and energetic steps in creating my podcast. I'm an affiliate for her course because I cannot recommend it highly enough. Click the link and check it out, if you are interested in having your own podcast, this is the way to do it, she has literally thought of everything for you.  

+Saul Levitt - Saul was my Mickel Therapist who guided me through healing chronic fatigue.  

+1 Giant Mind - this is the free app that I used to first learn how to meditate.



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