1: Welcome To The Amanda Hill Show

In this very first episode of the Amanda Hill Show I share;

 +how the idea for creating a podcast came to me and what my message is

 +my story in searching for my personal truth

 +my upbringing and how it shaped who I am today

 +personal struggles with chronic fatigue and key turning points

 +how I healed chronic fatigue using Mickel Therapy, yoga & meditation

 +the birth of my first business Inner Shine and the natural progression to Amanda Hill

 +why intuitive living has become the norm for me



+Ignite: Podcasting for Changemakers - This is the online course I used to help me set up my podcast. Alana has basically been the midwife for The Amanda Hill Show, guiding my through the technical and energetic steps in creating my podcast. I'm an affiliate for her course because I cannot recommend it highly enough. Click the link and check it out, if you are interested in having your own podcast, this is the way to do it, she has literally thought of everything for you.  

+Saul Levitt - Saul was my Mickel Therapist who guided me through healing chronic fatigue.  

+1 Giant Mind - this is the free app that I used to first learn how to meditate.



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