10: Let's Talk About Boundaries Bitches

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*Disclaimer: ‘bitches’ is used here as an affectionate term ;)

This conversation explores;

+ Boundaries as self care 101

+ Establishing boundaries not only to protect your solo time but to also protect the most meaningful relationships in your life

+ Recognising not everyone is going to get it so it’s important that you have your own back

+ Communicating your Truth with love ie. don’t have to be a robot

+ It’s our responsibility to set our boundaries, other people can’t read our minds, we need to be clear in communicating them

+ Using the energy of the wild woman and “giving less fucks” when necessary

+ Wise words from Elizabeth Gilbert on boundaries

+ Boundaries aren’t effing selfish they are bloody NECESSARY



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+ My Mickel Therapist, Saul Levitt

+ Episode 8 – I Adore My Cycle

Elizabeth Gilbert’s Instagram post


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