11: True Path, True Love With Nick Broadhurst

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Nick Broadhurst is a singer, songwriter, film producer, founding member of Sneaky Sound System, saxophonist for Flight Facilities, podcast host, meditation and Ayurveda advocate, visual artist, entrepreneur, performer, father and husband.

In this episode I chat to Nick about;

+ What he is currently frothing and the inspiration for his new album

+ Nick’s journey with a serious life threatening illness as well as 3 years bedridden that sparked a wake up call

+ The steps he took in creating a life of meaning, love, service and music

+ The two books that changed it all for him and why

+ Harnessing the power of the masculine

+ What the feminine always yearns for in intimate relationships

+ Support and challenge in life and love as the secret of the Universe

+ What Nick is currently working on in himself

+ The rubber band concept in romantic relationships

+ The single piece of advice Nick would offer to anyone in a relationship



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