12: Jumping On The Soul Train with Lauren Aletta

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Lauren Aletta is a teacher, writer and guide on all things intuition and energy. Over the past five years she has nurtured her online village ‘Inner Hue’. Lauren believes in connecting people with their own internal compass so that they can harness their intuitive ability. She is the creator of ‘Lumina’, ‘Connected & Free’ oracle decks and ‘Into The Woods’ a book that helps people to navigate their soul self. She is also a Mum of 3!!


In this episode I chat with Lauren about:

+ Her leap of faith quitting her full time job in Human Services with 3 kids and a home loan and creating her online business Inner Hue back in 2014

+ The false idea that gained momentum over the last five years that everyone needs to find their soul purpose and that needs to be in the career field

+  What ‘being in the ring’ is

+ Receiving activations and how that changes the way you feel, think, everything

+ Surrendering to the messiness when you hop on the soul train ie. you can’t half ask do it and expect a deeper alignment

+ Relationships as soul contracts

+ ‘Soul work is no longer about cards and crystals, although those things are fun’... & what soul work is now evolving into


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