15: The Spirit of Rebellion with Tara Bliss

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Welcome back for Season 2 of The Amanda Hill Show !

Tara Bliss is a best-selling author, doTERRA Presidential Diamond and foundress of her signature mentoring program Rebels of Light. Her mission is to be an example of sovereignty in action, guiding women away from the confines of their false limitations and back to the remembrance of their vastness.

In this episode I chat with Tara about:

+ What has got Tara at a high ‘froth factor’ !

+ Understanding the role of darkness in life

+ Owning our personal data & staying in your lane

+ Tara’s many life paths - bartending, hairdressing, making pizzas, personal training, doing admin, bungee jump instructing and what each of them taught her

+ Why Tara started a network marketing business and what her ‘why’ for doing so has now evolved in to, since building a million dollar a year business

+ What Tara wants women everywhere to know

+ Business and inspiration as entities

+ Leadership 2.0

+ Why Tara aims to live an excuse free life

+ 3 non-negotiable boundaries Tara currently lives by

+ so much more !


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