19: Periods & Partners with Claire Baker

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Claire Baker is an Australian women’s coach based in London. She focuses on the intersection of life coaching and menstrual cycle awareness. Claire teaches women how to sync their lives with their menstrual cycle, believing that this approach is the ‘missing key’ in women’s wellbeing. Her work empowers women to embrace their natural rhythm, claim their self-authority and transform their creative, emotional, sexual, and spiritual self. 

In this episode I chat with Claire about:

+ what she is currently frothing

+ how menstrual cycle awareness naturally became the cornerstone to Claire’s life and business

+ the difference in cycles that men & women move through

+ Claire’s number one tips for communicating to a non-menstruating partner about your cycle

+ The dangers of trying to perfect the cycle & comparing your cycle with others

+ What Claire is currently practising within herself

+ Menstrual Cycle Awareness as a core anchor in to your life & in to your self

+ Claire and I share the deals we have made with our partners during our Winters ;) ! 

+ How to sell the benefits on menstrual cycle awareness to your partner #rabbitweek

+ How to not kill your partner on roundabouts day 25 of your cycle and thus, the importance of space

+ Bringing other people on the journey & allowing the Home to be more in tune with the woman’s cycle

+ Sexual energy through the seasons and the patterns Claire has noticed within herself

+ Tips for navigating two cycles simultaneously in same sex relationships 


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