2: Trusting Your Path With Stephanie Warburton

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Stephanie Warburton is a renowned Energy Therapist located in Melbourne, Australia. Stephanie graduated from the Kinesiology Connection and continued on to successfully attain her Reiki Masters - Teachers degree, along with practicing other modalities such as Psychic Mediumship, Angel Connection, Psychic Surgery, The Akashic Records and Meditation and Mindfulness. 

Stephanie has worked with people and held events across Australia, empowering and inspiring her audience, leading them on a heart-opening journey into wholeness. Using her real-life stories and tools, Stephanie shows compassion and understanding towards everyone whom she interacts.


In this episode we cover: 

+ Steph's various life chapters!! Inc - police officer, vet nurse and pole dance studio owner

+ Steph's connection with her Mum whom passed when she was only 17 and how her Mum has guided all of the big turning points in her life, to lead her to the work she does today

+ The various ways you can connect to your intuition

+ The reason why Steph asks all of her new clients "are you ready?"

+ Why you may already be living your purpose without even realizing

+ Why it's important not to judge where you are at in your journey and life path

+ How Steph looks after her own energy & vibration

+ Simple, easy advice for those wanting to reconnect with their true, authentic self



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