4: Rock Your Light With Tracey Spencer

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Tracey Spencer is a Self-Belief Coach, Writer, Speaker and Kundalini Yoga Teacher on a mission to help women kick self-doubt to the kerb and bring their heart’s visions to life. Through one-to-one coaching, mastermind group coaching, live workshops, yoga classes and her straight talking insta-stories, Tracey not only encourages people to listen to their hearts, but to have the courage to take action on what they hear.

With a unique way of turning spiritual lingo into real talk, she is the creator of the 8 week Head to Heart E Course and founder of the upcoming Rock Your Light: Lightworkers Academy teaching you how to step up, serve and own who you really are. Tracey reminds you how much of a privilege it is to be you, and teaches you how to rock your light, lead from your heart, and make an impact on the lives of those around you.


In this episode I chat with this badass beauty about:

+ Her journey to kicking ass and becoming LIT (& why you don't have to have a hectic story to make a difference in this world)

+ Everyone has a gift to offer the world hint: your purpose leaves clues everywhere

+ Rocking your light and being the lighthouse for others

+ What sneaky fears she has come up against recently and the simple switch she makes to kick it to the curb

+ Behind the scenes of Tracey rebelling against routines/structure and instead asking herself "what's gonna bring me joy today?" 

+ Questioning "this is what the perfect yogi/coach/person does" and enquiring "what's your perfect?"

+ How to break down your vision and take the next step ie. there's always a next obvious step wherever you're at!

+ Why our creativity is our greatest untapped resource

+ If you really want to do the work, you will make it work, start somewhere

+ What's coming up for Trace including her Melbourne event Rock Your Light and online kundalini yoga classes!



+ Tracey's Website

+ Tracey's Instagram

+ Upcoming Melbourne Event Rock Your Light Masterclass

+ Peta Kelly's book 'Earth is Hiring'

+ Menstrual Cycle Awareness - Claire Baker's eBook Adore Your Cycle



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