6: Claiming Sensitivity As A Superpower

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This episode is dedicated to all the people who have ever been told they are “too sensitive” or that they need to “harden up” or that being an “empath” is a bad thing.

In this episode I share some of my experiences with being an empath in the World.

I also offer up heaps of practical tips to help with managing energy, inc. my top 10 tips; 

1 - Alone time to recharge 

2 - Time in Mama Nature 

3 - Building a repertoire of tools to support yourself eg. meditation (1 Giant Mind is my favourite App for learning how to meditate), yoga, journalling, nature or even energy healing to guide you. 

4 - Wherever possible, be in a job/career/environment where your sensitivity is valued and can be utilized to its potential given it is such a gift! 

5 - Remember it takes all kinds to make a World. Not everyone is as emotionally in tune, we all have different gifts. Let go of needing others to change and accept them as they are. 

6 - Protecting your energy with 'invisibility cloak' when going in to harsh environments. Also, allowing everything to 'wash off' you in a Qi-Gong practice called 'silver shower'. 

7 - Don't delay your emotions. Feel at the time wherever possible. It's safe to feel <3 

8 - Empower yourself with information! Many people who are Empaths are also Introverts, taking a Myers Briggs Test will determine your tendency for introversion/extraversion. A book I recommend is Quiet by Susan Cain. 

9 - Get an animal ;) 

10 - Create home as your sanctuary 


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