7: Designing A Life With Soul With Rachel Cooper

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Rachel Cooper is the co-creator, alongside partner Joel, of Australian ethical fashion label Frank & Dolly’s. Rach is a mother, wife, world traveller, creative genius and absolute QUEEN. Their little tribe are currently on a year-long overseas adventure!!! We shared a cuppa over Skype and chatted all things life, design, taking risks and doing what you love. We could’ve spoken for hours on end!!! This woman is the real deal and the conversation is bursting with nuggets of wisdom. I just know you are going to love this ep. 

In this episode I chat with Rach about:

 + Travel flow & how they are taking each day as it comes, staying open to the magic around every corner

+ The evolution of Frank & Dolly’s from Sunday markets to Australian clothing label with their garments being gloriously worn all over the World

+ Growing up in a resourceful home and how that has influenced the way she lives and works

+ ‘Pieces with soul’… Frank & Dolly’s as a moving tribute to loved ones passed

+ The decision to shut up shop, pack up home, transition online & take their business and family for a globe trotting year of adventures!

+ Slow fashion and how it was a no-brainer for them

+ Habitual risk taking and asking ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’ as a way to dream big and create your ultimate reality!!

+ so much more!!!



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