9: Healing Is Not Linear

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This episode explores the following themes on healing;

+ Healing is not linear

+ Identifying triggers as an opportunity to go deeper with your conviction

+ The shame we feel around not already healing something we know we’d like to have already ‘ticked off’ and how that shame just creates another thing to heal!

+ Nothing is ever a waste

+ We are actually always moving forward!

+ Healing from lack vs. healing from wholeness

+ New definition of discovering self rather than feeling like constantly fixing self to ‘be good enough’.

+ If you’re taking your spiritual practice seriously you’ve missed the point

+ The dangers of over identifying with the healing process and forgetting to enjoy the work you’ve done



+ Post by Rachel McDonald

+ Episode 2 – Trusting Your Path with Stephanie Warburton

+ Earth is Hiring by Peta Kelly

+ You, Me & Dupree “your ness” scene



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