8: I Adore My Cycle

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This episode details how & why I’ve come to adore my menstrual cycle inc;

+ My first period and that I don’t remember it at all

+ The pill, implanon and what sparked my decision to embrace my natural cycle

+ Sexual awakenings

+ Claire Baker’s Adore Your Cycle

+ The 4 seasons

+ Integrating this work, releasing judgement and going at your pace

+ Where I feel most at home in my cycle & my favourite day!

+ Adoring your cycle as a tool for adoring the whole spectrum of yourself

+ What I’m currently working on in my menstrual cycle awareness

+ The benefits of enhanced sustainable creativity, sexuality and deeper connection with myself

+ Releasing shame around periods as a tool for releasing deeper shame around being a woman in general! It’s deeply empowering, liberating work that is a gift to yourself and future generations


+ Adore Your Cycle eBook by Claire Baker

Coming off the pill, reclaiming sexual desire & adoring your cycle with Claire Baker

+ The Big Bleed & resting at menstruation

+ Claire’s Instagram

+ Nat Kringoudis Website

+ What does your contraception say about you? Podcast with Nat Kringoudis

+ I bled on my boyfriend's sheets blog post

+ Amanda’s Instagram   


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