Single Session

For your powerful, expansive & intentional 2019


I’m offering single 1:1 mentoring sessions during January and February of 2019. These are one-off sessions, for those who want to lay the foundation for an epic & deeply meaningful year ahead.

At the start of 2018, I spent a lot of time personally feeling in to the energy of the year and then creating intentions in the realms of relationships, career, finance, health and soul. After such a magical year I now have the absolute conviction to share my tried and tested process with you.

For those who are ready for the next level of their life, I’ve got a treasure chest waiting…

You will get:

  • Pre session questionnaire to get your Soul ticking

  • 1 X 75 minute session which will include a guided meditation to feel in to the energy of your year ahead & angel cards

  • Affirmations & a recommended weekly ritual to keep the momentum flowing way beyond our call

  • Intentional goals sheet ready to print for the bathroom mirror as your anchor

  • A recording of our session

Sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage.
— We Bought A Zoo

These single sessions are $222. Payment plan option over 2 x instalments if you prefer.

If you’ve got a subtle or not so subtle ‘fuck yes’ rising in you, fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch to line up our special time together. X

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My mentoring experience with Mandy absolutely exceeded any expectations I had and was easily the most powerful decision I made in 2018. Mandy has such a gorgeous energy that makes sharing intimate details, vulnerabilities and uncomfy stuff totally comfortable. Mandy guided me through some mind blowing energy shifts and supported me to push through so many limiting beliefs. Mandy paints these fabulous visuals and impact statements that provide you with the kindest support. Intuitive, patient, tapped in and with a wealth of knowledge and real life experience, Mandy completely lives and breathes what she teaches! Could not recommend these sessions enough!!
— Nicole Winter
I am so so happy with the results of my mentoring sessions with you! You really do have a gift to bring love and light into the world and to guide people towards their path. It’s amazing how easy it has been to know what I already know within, but couldn’t hear until you helped me to listen. The progress I’ve made in months, would have surely taken years and much much more stress and anxiety. I’m so much more confident in myself and trusting my intuition. Life’s problems can sometimes make me smile now that I can see them as opportunities for growth. I love you and think you’re amazing.
— Clare Hudson
My mentoring experience with Mandy was raw, honest and freeing. I felt completely supported to explore parts of myself that had been tucked away to keep myself safe over the years. Mandy was more like a friend than a mentor, listening, guiding and giving so much love in the tender times where change became a little daunting and unfamiliar. I think the most beautiful thing I gained from Mandy was the art of self love and self care. I learned how to understand myself better as well as my needs, learning to be comfortable and hold myself in the uncomfortable times, trust in my intuition and be gentle with the process, as well as helpful tools accustomed to me that are now apart of my daily routine. It’s a never ending journey, but I am honoured to have had this mentoring experience with such a intelligent and gentle soul who continuously believes in you even when you don’t. Thank you so much Mandy, I am forever grateful.
— Jessie Tunbridge
My mentoring experience with Mandy has been nothing short of incredible. She has been so supportive and open with the whole process, allowing me to explore parts of my being that I hadn’t considered as self care until now. She provided me with awesome resources that really helped me work towards my goals outside of our sessions, and was always cheering me on! I felt comfortable working with Mandy on whatever topic I needed, from working through difficult emotions and situations, to managing time for me, to self love. I have grown so much as a person and feel that I now have the tools to continue working on myself to be the happiest and brightest version of me! I can’t thank Mandy enough for the magical experience.
— Kimberley Hylsop