Welcome to my online group mentoring program:

‘The Empowered Woman’

Photography by The Ninety Mile

Photography by The Ninety Mile

This is a program, more so, an experiential immersion, for women yearning for deeper connection to their inherent power and to sisterhood. We are at a point in evolution where there is so much out there, every personal development book, teaching, instagram quote and dogma under the sun. What I’ve noticed recently, there’s a deep craving for felt experiences over the collection of information.

I’m here to facilitate that safe sacred space where wisdom is shared and hearts are smashed – in the best possible way. Where the process and the vibration we hold as a tribe of women is QUEEN. Which is why there will be no accompanying worksheets, PDFs or checklists…

Each woman will be bringing her unique wisdom and desire to grow - that will be highly valued and acknowledged. The magic will be amplified by the energetic melting pot that is a tribe of women who are committed to seeing each other rise…


This program is for you:

·      Open to new ideas, concepts and ways of being

·      Already on your personal development journey

·      Prepared to be part of the upgraded version of sisterhood… RISE SISTER RISE

·      Wanna have some FUNNNN whilst you commit to doing the deep work

·      Ready to respond to the question “what would the Empowered Woman do?”

This program is NOT for you:

·      Simply want to ‘know more’ and tick items off your to-do list

·      At the start of a personal healing and/or growth journey

·      Looking for someone/something to ‘fix you’

·      Not comfortable with supporting and celebrating other women


~ When I felt in to the energy of this program this oracle card “Lemuria” from Rebecca Campbell’s deck jumped in to my mind.

The meaning of the card “Creating Heaven on Earth” is the overall theme guiding this course.

The feminine needs space and less is more, so we will be taking our time to unpack this, together. ~


The 411;  

·      3 month duration starting Early October 2018

·      Group online mentoring program with Amanda Hill

·      1hr group call every fortnight, on a Monday 7pm

·      Private Facebook Group for all of the soul sharing


Please fill out the box below if you are excited & are feeling called to be part of this.

I’ll be in touch to see if this is a good fit. X

**The OCTOBER 2018 round of The Empowered Women is booked out. If you would like to be on the waiting list for 2019 please fill out the form below. Thankyou :)**

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