Welcome to my online group mentoring program:

‘The Empowered Woman’

Photography by The Ninety Mile

Photography by The Ninety Mile

This is a program, more so, an experiential immersion, for women yearning for deeper connection to their inherent power and to sisterhood. We are at a point in evolution where there is so much out there, every personal development book, teaching, instagram quote and dogma under the sun. What I’ve noticed recently, there’s a deep craving for felt experiences over the collection of information.

I’m here to facilitate that safe sacred space where wisdom is shared and hearts are smashed – in the best possible way. Where the process and the vibration we hold as a tribe of women is QUEEN.

Each woman will be bringing her unique wisdom and desire to grow - that will be highly valued and acknowledged. The magic will be amplified by the energetic melting pot that is a tribe of women who are committed to seeing each other rise…

Mandy is like the cheerleader I never knew I needed. She leads with so much grace and intuition that every session felt like it was lovingly tailor made to me. For someone with so much heart to believe in me, and to have a group of kick-ass women around me too, was transformative. The program content flowed into so many areas of my life, upgrading my confidence, my ability to back myself, and allowed me to hold space for, and learn from, so many badass women. It honestly changed my life. And that is without exaggeration.
— Julia Hogarth

This program is for you:

·      Open to new ideas, concepts and ways of being

·      Already on your personal development journey

·      Prepared to be part of the upgraded version of sisterhood… RISE SISTER RISE

·      Wanna have some FUNNNN whilst you commit to doing the deep work

This program is NOT for you:

·      Simply want to ‘know more’ and tick items off your to-do list

·      At the start of a personal healing and/or growth journey

·      Looking for someone/something to ‘fix you’

·      Not comfortable with supporting and celebrating other women

I would highly recommend this inward journey to any woman who would like to upskill in “having their own back”. The course teaches amazing foundational awareness and helps to build strategies in self-worth, confidence, and (of course) empowerment. I found TEW to be the truest form of personal investment, as the empowerment skills we learned have stayed with me and have continued to build since the course ended. My own life has changed in the best of ways as a result of this kick-start to stepping into my empowerment. Amanda simply has a superpower when it comes to holding space for others, and modelling that it’s safe (and fucking wonderful) to live your truth. I am so grateful for the experience of the TEW, Amanda’s support, and the amazing women I met and have befriended since.
— Kelsey Jones
The Empowered Woman was such a powerful experience & one that I really needed to give to myself to get that leg up to the next level in my business and personal growth. Though the three months together in our little TEW tribe is up, I feel it will never really be over! This connection continues to grow & I feel so deeply honoured to say that my Empowered Woman co-graduates will be in my heart for life.

The gift that group mentoring gave me was a safe space to really step up and share my voice, one that was playing to narratives of self doubt and that was holding me back from fully embracing my true soul work as a healer. TEW gave me the platform to share my soul with like-minded women, and to then go out into my work & world in more confidence. I am showing up more than ever & I am now part of a community which has been abundant with love and support from the minute we all embarked on this journey.
— Jade Lister-Buttle

The 411;  

·      4 month duration July - Oct 2019

·      Group online mentoring program with Amanda Hill

·      1hr group call every fortnight

·      Private Facebook Group for all of the soul sharing

If this journey calls to your Heart & you would like to chat further about being part of TEW, please get in touch here. X

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I find that often in every day life I am craving connection & I think most other people are too. Mandy created a neutral safe space for everybody and planted the seeds to inspire us to share and connect. I feel like we all shared fears and dreams in a space without judgement which is such a rare and special thing. Mandy taught us to show up and share in a beautiful way that I will never forget. We are now a little community that I am so grateful for.
— Lana Backwell
Amanda’s Feminine Embodiment course was exactly what my soul had been yearning for. Even though I was time poor, I knew from the beginning it was exactly what I had been needing. Although I have ritualised self care already and have encouraged various self care practices professionally for many years, my experience with Amanda and the other women in the circle was so profound in its sacredness. Each week I felt I was able to access a greater depth of exploration and healing, I shared several indescribable experiences within the circle. Amanda’s ability to hold space is a testament to the depth of work she has done within her own life. Amanda so generously shared her knowledge and loving presence with us each week, as well as invaluable resources. Since completing the course I have read books Amanda had recommended, incorporated new practices and the experience continues to unfold into new dimensions. I have found new meaning in my personal experience of womanhood, primarily in a newfound permission to just be in my own flavour of womanness. The power of this permission has unraveled me and continues to ripple out into my relationships with others. Although Amanda didn’t teach me anything I didn’t know already, she offered me the time to explore and embody these wisdom teachings, in a space where I could be seen and heard in a depth I had never before experienced. I feel that sharing this empowering experience with other women was transformative and certainly one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.
— Meg Odgers