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Photography: The Ninety Mile

Photography: The Ninety Mile

Hello! I'm Amanda. However that doesn't seem to last long coz #straya; so I'm more often Mandy, Manda or Mands. I’d describe myself as half zen half lit - with a touch of sass. I love surprising people with the latter... still low key live for the drop during a solid d-floor sesh. 

I’m grateful beyond words to be working as a mentor, doTERRA essential oils leader, yoga teacher & host of The Amanda Hill Show podcast. 

I'm here to guide people on trusting the callings of their soul. Hint: it always leads to epic shit.

Having the courage to follow the internal nudge that whispers 'this way' in a world that can pull you a million different ways - that’s empowerment baby.

I believe in the freedom that comes from living a life aligned with Your Truth.

This space is for you if you feel like life wasn’t really meant to be a list of should’s or ‘I’ll be happy when’ statements eg. it’s the weekend/getting the perfect Euro sunset pic. 

If you're picking up what I'm putting down then welcome to the squad. I trust that you will find equal amounts of comfort & inspiration around this hood.

Make yourself at Home. X





Come hang on the #gram @amanda._hill for behind the scenes adventures & musings ! X